Winners of our WhyBeacon? Contest

Thanks to everyone that entered our WhyBeacon? Contest. We’re happy to announce that we’ve selected our Top 5 ideas!

The submitters will all receive a free IoT Design Shop Beacon Development kit. Great work! Lots of creative stuff was submitted. You can check out the full thread in our forums.

Here are the Top 5:

#1 – (Submitted by The Coop) Create an app that provides an extra layer of security to certain apps the user chooses that will only start and run if a portable ibeacon device is available within range.

#2 – (Submitted by Mooja) Ibeacon integrated in paper advertising billboards that you find anywhere along roads, subways corridors. Movie poster, event festival…you get near the board and access instantly details about the event.
If the billboard is a digital screen, it could react when you get nearby.

(Tie for #3 – Guided Tours)
#3a – (Submitted by Blue) Museum/Art Gallery/City Self-Guided Tours: Allow people to get extra information on what they’re seeing. Maybe even give them access to a forum to comment on the work and see what other people are saying.
#3b – (Submitted by Sushmita) iBeacon paired with your cellphone can be used for museums, acquariums and zoos for a better guidance tour.

(Tie for #4 – We liked the airport idea)
#4a (Submitted by Desmond) Use iBeacons for malls and airports to direct people to shops of interest or their gates for departures.
#4b (Submitted by Ryan) For airports so I can quickly find my gate.

Thanks for your submissions all. Some really great iBeacon concepts! If you want help building them out, get in touch!

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