Introducing IoT Core

IoT Core Beta Boards

We’re pleased to introduce our IoT Core Module!

This Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module is a highly-versatile part that can be populated in a variety of configurations ranging from a BLE Beacon through to a full “Smartphone Control” solution when integrated with other electronic products.

Based on the TI CC2540/2541 SoC Architecture, the module exposes the following features:

- Bluetooth Low Energy Radio with Programmable Output Power
- 8051 Microcontroller with 8k RAM, and 256K Flash
- I2C, USB, and SPI (depending on specified configuration)
- 12-bit ADC
- GPIO Digital Pins, including 2 x 20mA high current drivers
- Can be used as a stand-alone module, or configured as a BLE Interface Coprocessor for other devices

IoT Core is currently undergoing final testing, FCC/CE approval, and final preparation for production. Shelf date for the module is August 2014.