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 Beacons and Bluetooth Low Energy:

Bluetooth LE and iBeacon PrimerA focused overview of Bluetooth Low Energy and specifically how it is used for beacon deployments.

Integrating iBeacon With Your Apps: The BeaconDemo Project – Our Epic introduction to iBeacon! Core Location, Practical Considerations for Beacons in the Physical World, and our BeaconDemo project. Learn how to set up beacon regions, range beacons and notify the user when they enter and exit your configured zones!

Core Location at WWDC 2013 – Hear it direct from Apple engineers – location, backgrounding, and of course iBeacon. This session video and corresponding tutorial code run through the basics of Core Location and how Apple imagines enabling a world of beacons. We’ve also provided a version of the AirLocate app source from the session which is ready to go with our iBeacon Dev Kit UUID so that you can try something fun right away.

Core Bluetooth and the Beacon Manager App – An introduction to Core Bluetooth and managing Bluetooth Low Energy Devices. Specific detail on the BeaconManager App we provide for configuring IoT Design Shop Beacons and how that technology works.

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